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FEEL – FrontEnd (Emulator Launcher)

FEEL is a front-end for videogame emulators, especially designed for usage on a home cabinet, highly customizable, ideal for integrating any emulation system (MAME/MESS, Daphne, Fusion, ZSNes, WinVice, virtually any other).
Its user interface is designed for being controlled by arcade controls (joystick, buttons, spinners, trackballs), and hides Windows completely to the end-user. This makes it perfect to start automatically at Windows boot in an arcade-pc.

Main features

  • Support for new MESS machines softwarelist structure (MAME/MESS 0.162+) – NEW!
  • “On-the-air” update – NEW!
  • Support for any MAME version/flavor (fully compatible with 0.162+)
  • Support for vertical screens
  • Support for LED control panels through SmartASD USB card
  • Support for any commandline-controlled emulator
  • Damn fast running on almost *any* outdated hardware (a P4 is more than good 😉 )
  • Compatibility with all recent versions of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) 32 and 64 bit
  • Platform-organized rom and emulator management (ex.: Arcade, Console, Computer, etc.), emulator (es.: MAME, Daphne, VPinball, etc.) and custom lists (All games, Favorites, etc.)
  • Customizable video and audio themes
  • Snapshot and videosnaps
  • In-game snapshot creation with single button press
  • Screensaver with random previews gallery (browse with arrows, current rom selection with a button press)
  • List management through arcade customizable commands (preset for usage on JammAsd http://www.arcadeitalia.net/jammasd.html board standard settings), trackball, spinner, with sensitivity calibration through .ini file
  • Games automatic ranking (% and score from 0 to 5 stars *****)
  • Hi-score display on frontend GUI, via hitotext (available on http://sourceforge.net/projects/hitotext/)
  • Configuration files ready for the most famous emulators
  • Programmable key remapping (useful to set a specific emu’s exit key to ESC, or manage special commands on retrocomputing emulators, DOSBox, etc.)
  • Multiple extensions rom management (es.: .d64 + .t64 + .tap on WinVice) in a single list
  • .nms files for games extended names display
  • Pre and post emulator commands config (ex: auto-mount .iso files via DaemonTools, etc.)
  • USB Mouse, spinner and joystick (analog, digital) support
  • PC reboot, shutdown and hybernation directly frontend.