Quick configuration (MAME)

Upon installation completion, you need to configure FEEL to manage available emulators startup. Follow this example to set MAME up.


1) Inside Feel folder config subfolder is present. Inside it, another subfolder, named arcade is present, and still inside mame folder is present, containing mame.ini file.


This is the only file you need to modify to use the emulator.

Lines to be modified/checked in order to use MAME through FEEL:

1) Set MAME rom folder:

rom_path                               C:\Programs and Settings\mame\roms

1) Set “All games” list list_type to 1 (1 = mame_list_xml) for mame compatibility (all other emu work with list_type = 0):

list_type                               1

2) Set MAME exe path:

emulator_path                           C:\Programs and Settings\mame

3) Set MAME command-line:

emulator_commandline                   C:\Programs and Settings\mame\mame.exe

4) Set snapshot folder:

snapshot_path                           C:\Programs and Settings\mame\snap


Hint: double-check the 3 values just set running them through a “Command Prompt” window, or from Windows “Start..” command (accessible pressing Win+R)

Upon setting this options, FEEL should be completely configured for MAME usage. Save mame.ini file and start FEEL. Press menu button (default: Alt key), select “Games List Options” using arrows, and confirm using action button (default: 1 key), the select “Generate List” item. FEEL scans available roms, match them with current MAME version (indicated in emulator_commandline) and will build the relevant games list.

You are now allowed to browse the list using arrows, and starting games using action button.

If everything is okay, it is suggested to disable test mode option, in order to start the frontend in full-screen mode:

test_mode                           0

FEEL configuration structure (advanced configuration)

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2 thoughts on “Quick configuration (MAME)

  1. complimenti per il vostro frontend, lo trovo davvero pratico e funzionale.
    non riesco però a nascondere dalla lista delle roms i files dei vari bios (ad es. neogeo.zip e qsound.zip).
    come dovrei fare?
    grazie mille e buon lavoro 🙂

    • Grazie! 🙂
      Questa cosa in MAME non dovrebbe succedere, se usi la list_type corretta (1). Molto probabilmente stai utilizzando list_type 0, che è la configurazione che si usa per altri emulatori “generici”.

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