FEEL v. released

FEEL (first version featuring animated themes) released:

(thx adolfo69 for YT vid!)

Version 1.9.6 (30/10/2016) -> (21/11/2016)
- **** added new actors layer (actors.png) ****
- **** animated main.png, actors.png and bezel.png management: dynamic layouts ****
- **** added MAME (thx to adolfo69), WWFeel & WWFeel91, SFeelII (thx to barito) new layouts ****
- main workflow optimizations

– placeholder replacement fixes

Version 1.9.5 (23/06/2016) -> (30/09/2016)
– added setup script (setup.vbs)
– **** autostart screensaver ****
– guided startup messages for new emulators
– screensaver selection from menu
– disable stars from menu, fast list filter change
– added exit_from_menu_enabled (enables/disables exit item in main menu)
– added disable_alt_f4 parameter (enables/disables alt-f4 block)
– new UI rendering engine (nested layouts, borders, auto-resize, more accurate wordwrap, others)
– menu icons (FEEL logo or custom images)
– advanced game info window (sums up all available game data + snapshot on a single view)
– incremental (md5sum-based) layouts download on new version update
– page scrolling on text viewer window
– more friendly statistics
– show/hide menu icons
– show/hide mouse pointer
– network tasks optimization: much faster!
– UX, UI & graphical transition refinements

– Hook locking up FEEL if emulator not found fix
– empty “TOP GAMES” crash fix
– mp3 music directory bug on layout change
– HOT: default config management fix (default values restore at change)
– video update during network & async tasks
– immediate messages fix
– Feeledit: path search fix
– videosnap wrong resizing fix (v.
– snapshot wrong resizing regression fix (v.
– layout MD5 hashing fix (v.



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